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Global Legal Advisors – Complete web experience

Global Legal Advisors header

Outdated website held back Global Legal Advisors (GLA). We designed a user-friendly, multilingual website & implemented SEO strategies. Monthly maintenance & Google Analytics reports allow GLA to track progress. This resulted in increased organic traffic, improved lead generation & a stronger brand image.

Global Escrow Services – Full Digital Solutions

Global Escrow Services needed a modern website to attract clients. We designed & developed their website, do monthly maintenance & provide SEO & Google Analytics reports. This led to increased website traffic, lead generation, brand reputation & data-driven decision making.

Colonial Cigars – Promo Game

Colonial Cigars

Colonial Cigars needed an engaging trade show promotion. We built a tablet mini-game with Javascript, CreateJS & PhoneGap (APK). The match-3 game with trivia elements boosted user engagement, brand awareness & generated sales leads through a lead capture form.

Oreo – Promotional Microsite

Oreo header

Oreo needed a captivating online presence for a promotional event. We built a responsive microsite with interactive elements, clear info, and a custom scrollbar for lengthy terms & conditions. This boosted user engagement, improved information access, and reinforced Oreo’s brand image

Surgery Partners – Let’s Connect

Surgery Partners header

Surgery Partners struggled to engage surgeons with their existing systems. We built a custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution with a landing page, data extension, and personalized communication. This resulted in increased partner engagement, streamlined data management, and actionable insights, allowing Surgery Partners to strengthen partnerships and drive growth

NCC Parajeles – Corporate Website

Built a high-performing bilingual website for NCC Parajeles law firm using WordPress, Elementor & Polylang. We consulted on tech & translated content to English. This increased NCC Parajeles’ reach, improved user experience & SEO, and strengthened their brand image.

Fundación Mark – eCommerce

Fundación Mark header

Wix e-commerce site helped Fundación Mark, a Mexican child cancer NGO, sell over $10,000 in paint & 90 virtual art gallery tickets (up from previous years) through a user-friendly platform with secure payments. This boosted fundraising and awareness for their cause.

Casas en Venta Costa Rica – Real Estate Website

Casas en Venta Costa Rica

We developed Casas en Venta Costa Rica’s real estate site using WordPress and Drupal, enhancing agent usability and integrating HubSpot for CRM. Multilingual support broadened market reach, boosting efficiency and lead management.

Jorge Oller – Personal Blog

We revamped Jorge Oller’s website using WordPress and Elementor, minimized plugins for enhanced performance, and redesigned the blog for a fresh, minimalistic look, improving speed and user engagement.

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