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Biogen – Rich Media Banners

Biogen header

Biogen needed to inform HCPs about a new, complex treatment. We built Google DV360 compliant expandable rich media banners with videos, ISI summaries & navigation tabs with content. This increased HCP engagement, improved information access & strengthened Biogen’s brand image.

Pfizer – Rich Media Banners

Pfizer header

Pfizer needed to raise awareness of a new medication among busy HCPs. We built a Google DV360 compliant campaign with 2 formats: a standard banner & an expandable rich media banner with ISI integration & 3 navigation buttons. This increased HCP engagement, improved information access & enhanced Pfizer’s brand image.

Ortho Dermatologics – Banners

Ortho Dermatologics

Ortho Derm needed targeted banners for various skin conditions & demographics. We built a multi-banner campaign with audience segmentation, static/animated formats & clear CTAs. This led to increased click-through rates, brand awareness & improved conversion rates

Bausch Health – Banners

Bausch Health header

Bausch Health needed a complex animation for a banner ad but faced a tight file size limit. We used Adobe Animate for animation efficiency, asset optimization & code streamlining. This resulted in a smooth, compliant banner that grabbed user attention & reinforced Bausch’s brand image

Progressive – Banners

Progressive header

Progressive wanted complex animations for 5 ad campaigns but faced file size limits from their ad vendor. We used frame rate optimization, image compression & code streamlining to create high-impact, compliant banners. This resulted in strong campaign performance & saved Progressive on potential vendor charges

Charles Schwab – Banners

Charles Schwab header


Charles Schwab needed efficient banner development for a new campaign. We presented 2 data-driven & creatively unique concepts, both Google DV360 compliant. This saved Charles Schwab time, resources & provided flexibility to choose the best banner for their goals

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