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Enhancing surgical partnerships through custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution.


Surgery Partners, a leading healthcare organization, sought to strengthen its partnerships with surgical professionals by streamlining communication and providing personalized experiences. However, their existing systems lacked the flexibility and customization needed to effectively engage with surgeons and other stakeholders.


Our approach involved creating a custom solution within Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Surgery Partners. This included developing a tailored landing page for enhanced user engagement, designing a custom data extension to manage partner information, and implementing personalized communication strategies based on data insights. By leveraging these components, we aimed to optimize partner engagement, streamline data management, and drive measurable results for Surgery Partners.


The implementation of the custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution yielded significant outcomes for Surgery Partners. This included increased partner engagement due to personalized communication strategies, improved operational efficiency through streamlined data management, and actionable insights into campaign performance and ROI. Overall, the solution enabled Surgery Partners to strengthen partnerships, drive growth, and deliver exceptional experiences to surgical professionals.

What We Solved?

Our custom Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution addressed the challenge of effectively engaging surgical partners by providing a flexible and scalable platform for personalized communication and relationship management. By leveraging data-driven insights and automation, Surgery Partners was able to strengthen its partnerships, drive growth, and deliver exceptional experiences to surgical professionals.

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