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From clicks to bids: how personalized emails boosted Shop Goodwill engagement


Shop Goodwill, a leading online thrift store, faced challenges in keeping users engaged throughout their bidding journey. Static emails lacked personalization and didn’t effectively guide users through the bidding process or highlight relevant items based on their past behavior.


We implemented a comprehensive email marketing solution using Emarsys to deliver dynamic and personalized emails for Shop Goodwill users across various touchpoints:
  • Placed Bid: Triggered upon placing a bid, this email acknowledges the user’s action and provides clear instructions for tracking the bid status.
  • Bid Result: This email informs users of the outcome (winning or losing) and encourages further participation with relevant product suggestions.
  • Highest Bid Outbid: When a user gets outbid, this email delivers a personalized message with similar items based on their purchase history and recent bids, keeping them engaged.
  • Other Triggered Emails: We created additional emails for abandoned carts, product recommendations, and special promotions, all personalized with dynamic variables.


Shop Goodwill experienced significant improvements with our personalized email marketing strategy:
  • Increased User Engagement: Personalized emails with relevant product suggestions led to higher click-through rates and user activity on the platform.
  • Improved Bidding Experience: Clear and timely emails guided users through the bidding process, fostering a more informed and engaging experience.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention: Personalized outreach through emails helped retain users by keeping them informed and interested in future bids.

What We Solved?

This project addressed Shop Goodwill’s need for:
  • Personalized User Experience: Dynamic emails tailored to individual user behavior and purchase history boosted engagement and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Bidding Process: Timely and informative emails clarified the bidding process and encouraged continued participation.
  • Increased Customer Retention: Personalized outreach nurtured user relationships, fostering loyalty and repeat visits to Shop Goodwill.
By implementing a data-driven email marketing strategy with Emarsys, we empowered Shop Goodwill to connect with their users on a deeper level, drive engagement, and ultimately, achieve their business goals.

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