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Progressive pushes the limits: achieving optimal animated banners for demanding campaigns


Progressive, a leading insurance provider, envisioned captivating animated display ad banners for five unique campaigns. However, their creative vision involved complex animations that pushed the boundaries of file size limitations set by the chosen ad vendor. This presented a challenge in balancing creative impact with technical compliance.


We tackled this challenge through a multi-pronged approach:
  • Collaborative Brainstorming: We closely collaborated with Progressive’s marketing team to understand their campaign goals and desired animation styles. This ensured the creative concepts aligned with their vision while considering technical feasibility.
  • Optimization Techniques: Our animation experts employed a variety of optimization techniques to reduce file size without compromising visual quality. This included:
    • Frame Rate Optimization: Adjusting the animation frame rate could significantly reduce file size without sacrificing smoothness.
    • Image Asset Optimization: We leveraged tools and techniques to compress image assets used within the animation while maintaining visual fidelity.
    • Code Streamlining: Our developers meticulously reviewed and streamlined the animation code to ensure efficiency and eliminate unnecessary elements that could inflate file size.
    • Iterative Testing: We implemented an iterative testing process, creating prototypes and testing them within the vendor’s platform. This allowed for continuous optimization and refinement until the animations met both creative and technical requirements.


Through our collaborative and optimization-focused approach, we achieved outstanding results for Progressive:
  • Compelling Animated Banners: All five campaigns featured captivating animated banners that effectively communicated Progressive’s message and grabbed user attention.
  • Technical Compliance: Despite the complexity of the animations, all banners adhered to the vendor’s technical specifications, ensuring seamless campaign launch and delivery.
  • Measurable Performance: The well-optimized banners delivered strong campaign performance metrics, including high click-through rates and increased brand awareness.

What We Solved?

This project addressed Progressive’s need for:
  • Creative Freedom with Technical Constraints: Our optimization techniques allowed Progressive to achieve their desired creative vision while adhering to the vendor’s technical limitations.
  • Streamlined Campaign Development: The iterative testing process ensured a smooth workflow and minimized potential delays caused by technical roadblocks.
  • Cost-Effective Delivery: By optimizing file size, we minimized potential vendor charges associated with exceeding file size limitations.
By combining creative ingenuity with technical expertise, we empowered Progressive to achieve impactful animated display ad campaigns that met their marketing goals and delivered optimal performance within the constraints of the chosen ad vendor’s platform.

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