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Engaging healthcare professionals: a multi-format banner campaign for Pfizer


Pfizer, a leading pharmaceutical company, aimed to raise awareness of a new medication among healthcare professionals (HCPs) but faced challenges in capturing their attention within the digital advertising landscape. Traditional static banners often get overlooked, and Pfizer required a solution that effectively communicated key product information.


We developed a multi-format banner campaign for Pfizer, ensuring Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) compliance for seamless ad delivery:
  • Expandable Rich Media Banner with ISI Integration:
    • Click-to-Expand: A standard size banner would expand upon user interaction, revealing a larger canvas for detailed product information.
    • ISI Integration: Pfizer’s existing Interactive Summary of Product Characteristics (ISI) document was seamlessly integrated within the banner, allowing HCPs to access essential product details with a single click.
    • Navigation Buttons: Three clear and concise navigation buttons within the expanded banner allowed HCPs to explore specific sections of the ISI document, such as indications, dosage, or side effects.
  • Standard HTML Banner: A complementary standard HTML banner served as a concise attention-grabber, featuring a compelling headline and a clear call to action (CTA) prompting users to expand for more information.


The multi-format banner campaign for Pfizer achieved outstanding results:
  • Increased HCP Engagement: The expandable rich media banner with interactive elements fostered deeper engagement with the product information compared to static banners.
  • Improved Information Accessibility: The integrated ISI document provided HCPs with immediate access to crucial product details, streamlining their research process.
  • Enhanced Brand Perception: The informative and interactive nature of the campaign reflected positively on Pfizer’s brand image, showcasing their commitment to transparent communication with HCPs.

What We Solved?

This project addressed Pfizer’s need for:
  • Effective HCP Communication: The combination of rich media elements and ISI integration ensured that HCPs received clear, concise, and readily accessible product information.
  • Campaign Flexibility: The presence of both the expandable rich media banner and the standard HTML banner provided Pfizer with the adaptability to reach HCPs across various digital platforms with varying ad size requirements.
  • Measurable Performance: DV360’s robust analytics allowed Pfizer to track user interactions and optimize the campaign for maximum impact.
By implementing a multi-format banner campaign that adhered to Google DV360 compliance standards, we empowered Pfizer to effectively engage HCPs, improve information accessibility, and ultimately achieve their brand awareness goals within the healthcare industry.

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