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Boosting Fundación Mark's virtual art gallery attendance with targeted email marketing


Fundación Mark, a non-profit organization, traditionally sold less than 50 tickets to their annual virtual art gallery. Their goal was to significantly increase attendance and awareness for the December 2023 event.


  • Data & Segmentation: We analyzed past email campaign data to identify high-performing segments and tailor messaging accordingly (e.g., past attendees, donors interested in art).
  • Compelling Content: We crafted email subject lines that sparked curiosity (e.g., “Don’t Miss This Year’s Virtual Art Extravaganza!”) and preview text that highlighted unique event features (e.g., “Exclusive artist interviews & live performances”).
  • Strategic Timing: We researched optimal send times for Fundación Mark’s audience and implemented A/B testing to confirm the best day and time for December’s campaign.
  • Compelling Design: We designed visually appealing emails using Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop builder, showcasing artwork and artist spotlights.
  • Clear Call to Action: We incorporated strong calls to action (CTAs) within the email, urging recipients to purchase tickets and share the event with their network.


  • The December 2023 virtual art gallery email campaign achieved a 47% open rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of our segmentation and content strategies.
  • Ticket sales soared to over 90, a significant increase from previous years, directly attributable to the targeted email marketing campaign.
  • Increased brand awareness and positive audience engagement were observed through social media shares and website traffic spikes following the email blasts.

What We Solved?

This case study demonstrates the power of data-driven email marketing in achieving fundraising and event attendance goals. By implementing strategic segmentation, compelling content, and optimal timing, we helped Fundación Mark:

  • Increase sales by over 80% for their annual virtual art gallery.
  • Expand their audience reach and raise awareness for their organization’s mission.
  • Cultivate stronger audience engagement through targeted messaging and clear CTAs.
This success story highlights the value we bring to Fundación Mark’s email marketing efforts. Our expertise in design, coding, Mailchimp management, and strategic campaign planning empowers non-profit organizations to achieve their goals.

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