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Website Redesign and E-commerce Development for Fundación Mark


Fundación Mark, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting children with cancer, faced significant challenges with their online presence. Their existing website was outdated and not optimized for user engagement or fundraising. Additionally, they required a robust e-commerce solution to facilitate their annual fundraising efforts through ticket sales, as well as the sale of paintings and clothing.


Our comprehensive strategy included two main components: a complete redesign of their main website and the development of an annual e-commerce site. Here’s how we approached each:
1. Website Redesign and Development:
  • Redesign: We undertook a complete overhaul of Fundación Mark’s website to enhance visual appeal and usability. The design was aimed to be emotionally engaging, reflecting the foundation’s mission and the children it supports.
  • Development: Using WordPress and the Elementor page builder, we developed a site that was easy for the foundation’s staff to update and maintain, ensuring longevity and flexibility.
  • Features: We integrated features such as event calendars, donation forms, and real-time fundraising trackers to boost engagement and simplify the donation process.
2. E-commerce Development: Platform Selection: We chose Wix for its user-friendly interface and robust e-commerce capabilities. Product Management: We developed a system for easily managing the annual addition of new products, such as event tickets, artworks, and themed merchandise. Payment Integration: We integrated both PayPal and Stripe to offer secure, versatile payment options, accommodating both local and international donors. Promotions: We implemented promotional features to encourage larger purchases and recurring donations.


  • Enhanced User Experience: The redesigned website saw a significant increase in visitor engagement, with longer visits and more interactions.
  • Increased Fundraising: The new e-commerce platform facilitated a noticeable increase in sales and donations, directly supporting the foundation’s programs.
  • Operational Efficiency: Both the main and e-commerce sites were streamlined for easy management by the foundation’s staff, reducing the need for technical support and allowing for quick updates.
  • Broader Reach: The integration of multilingual support and international payment options expanded the foundation’s donor base.

What We Solved?

Our solution provided Fundación Mark with a powerful tool to connect with supporters and efficiently raise funds. The website redesign enhanced the foundation’s online image and user engagement, while the e-commerce solution equipped them to manage large-scale fundraising campaigns effectively. The integration of advanced payment options ensured that the foundation could accommodate a wider range of donors, crucial for their ongoing success and expansion of their charitable activities.

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