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Lead generation landing page with contact form integrated with SFMC through data extension.

Our Approach

As soon as we received the creative assets from the client, we proceed by looking for code efficiencies based on the previously developed campaigns. We also proceed by creating the Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extension and make it compliant with their minimum and basic requirements.

The Results

Development of a responsive Cloud page with a contact form that has a direct connection with Salesforce for data capturing through data extension. We followed the same module development approach where we were able to reuse the same global elements previously built which lead to cost and time efficiencies.

What We DID?

Cloud page development, data extension creation, integration with Salesforce

What We Solved?

We provided development and technical consultation on how to achieve the desire goal of creating a Cloud landing page for lead generation that automatically saves the lead data into Salesforce.


HTML, JS, Ampscript, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Data Extensions

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