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Enhancing Email Marketing Efficiency for Digital Additive


Digital Additive, a prominent digital marketing agency, sought to streamline their email production process to handle a high volume of campaigns without sacrificing quality. With an increasing demand for responsive HTML emails, they needed a robust solution that could increase efficiency, maintain high standards of quality, and ensure timely delivery.


To address these challenges, we developed a customized template framework for Digital Additive that included pre-designed headers and footers. This framework was tailored to be flexible yet consistent, allowing for rapid customization without starting from scratch for each campaign. The standardized components ensured that we could scale up the production without a significant increase in resources or extended timelines.


Over a four-year partnership, our approach revolutionized Digital Additive’s email production capabilities:
  • Delivered over 1,400 responsive HTML emails, meeting diverse campaign needs.
  • Achieved 100% on-time delivery, ensuring that no campaign deadlines were missed.
  • Maintained a 99% first-time quality rate, drastically reducing the need for revisions and accelerating campaign rollouts.
  • Capability enhancement to deliver up to 8 emails in a single day, demonstrating exceptional efficiency and responsiveness to client needs.

What We Solved?

Our solution provided Digital Additive with a highly efficient, scalable email production process that supported their growth and client satisfaction. By implementing the template framework, we significantly reduced the time required for each email’s production, enabling quicker turnaround times and higher throughput without compromising on quality. This framework also allowed for seamless adaptability to evolving marketing strategies and client demands.

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