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Building a brand foundation: crafting a cohesive identity for DEPO


DEPO, a forward-thinking company specializing in consulting and building next-generation commercial spaces, faced a challenge in establishing a brand identity that fully reflected their unique value proposition. While their core competencies encompassed a diverse range of services – strategy development, construction, operation optimization, technology integration, and customer experience design – they lacked a cohesive brand image that effectively communicated their comprehensive approach.


We embarked on a collaborative journey to create a strong brand foundation for DEPO:
  • In-Depth Brand Discovery: Through a series of interview meetings, we gained a thorough understanding of DEPO’s business goals, target audience, brand personality, and tone of voice. We also analyzed their competitors to identify differentiation opportunities.
  • Logo Design & Color Palette: Based on the brand discovery phase, we designed a unique and memorable logo that visually represented DEPO’s core values. We also established a complementary color palette that aligned with their brand personality and resonated with their target audience.
  • Brand Book Development: A comprehensive brand book was created, serving as a central guide for DEPO’s brand identity. This included the logo variations, color palette specifications, typography guidelines, and brand messaging to ensure consistent brand expression across all marketing materials.
  • PowerPoint & Word Templates: We designed branded PowerPoint and Word templates to ensure consistency and professionalism in DEPO’s presentations and internal documents.


DEPO’s newly established brand identity yielded significant results:
  • Strong Brand Recognition: The distinctive logo, color palette, and messaging set DEPO apart from competitors, fostering brand recognition and memorability among their target audience.
  • Cohesive Brand Experience: The brand book ensured consistent brand application across all marketing materials and communication channels, creating a unified and professional brand experience.
  • Streamlined Brand Management: The branded templates empowered DEPO’s internal teams to easily create presentations and documents that adhered to the brand guidelines.

What We Solved?

This project addressed DEPO’s need for:
  • Defined Brand Identity: We established a clear and cohesive brand identity for DEPO, encompassing their visual elements, messaging, and overall brand personality.
  • Differentiation in the Market: The unique brand elements helped DEPO stand out in a crowded marketplace, attracting their target audience and establishing a strong brand presence.
  • Brand Consistency & Control: The brand book provided DEPO with a centralized resource to maintain consistent brand application across all aspects of their business.
By conducting in-depth brand discovery, crafting a distinctive logo and color scheme, developing a comprehensive brand book, and designing branded templates, we empowered DEPO to build a strong and recognizable brand identity that sets the stage for their success within the hardware and home improvement industry.

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