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Costa Rica Among the Most Attractive Countries for Business, According to KPMG

KPMG, a global professional services firm, recently conducted a study that highlights Costa Rica as one of the most attractive countries for conducting business.

Published on

June 24, 2023


This recognition comes as a result of Costa Rica’s ongoing efforts to foster a favorable business environment and promote investment opportunities.

The study evaluated several factors that contribute to a conducive business climate, such as economic stability, infrastructure, legal framework, innovation, and talent pool. Costa Rica stood out in various key areas, positioning itself as an appealing destination for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

One of the significant strengths recognized by KPMG is Costa Rica’s political and economic stability. The country has maintained a strong democracy and a solid economic foundation, providing a reliable environment for business operations. Additionally, the government has implemented policies that support foreign investment and prioritize the ease of doing business.

Costa Rica’s infrastructure also garnered praise in the study. The country boasts a well-developed transportation network, including modern airports and ports, facilitating the movement of goods and services. Furthermore, Costa Rica has made significant progress in renewable energy, with a commitment to sustainability that aligns with global trends and attracts environmentally conscious businesses.

The legal framework in Costa Rica was highlighted as another advantage for businesses. The country has established transparent and reliable legal systems that protect intellectual property rights, facilitate contract enforcement, and promote fair competition. These factors provide a solid foundation for businesses to thrive and operate with confidence.

In terms of innovation, Costa Rica has demonstrated its commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and technological advancement. The country has invested in education and research, resulting in a skilled workforce and a vibrant startup ecosystem. The presence of free trade zones and incentives for technology companies further bolsters Costa Rica’s reputation as an innovation hub.

Overall, KPMG’s study positions Costa Rica as an attractive destination for business and investment due to its political stability, robust infrastructure, favorable legal framework, and focus on innovation. Entrepreneurs and investors looking for a thriving business environment with ample opportunities should consider Costa Rica as a potential market for expansion or investment.

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