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Unveiling innovation: rich media banners showcase Biogen's latest breakthrough


Biogen, a leading biotechnology company, sought to capture the attention of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and effectively communicate a groundbreaking new treatment. Traditional static banners were insufficient for conveying the complexity and benefits of the treatment.


We developed a set of expandable rich media banners compliant with Google Display & Video 360 (DV360) specifications to address Biogen’s needs:
  • Expandable Rich Media Format: The banners started in a standard size and expanded on user interaction, revealing a larger canvas for detailed information.
  • Compelling Video Integration: Engaging videos showcasing the treatment’s mechanism of action and patient testimonials were embedded within the expanded banner, fostering a deeper understanding for HCPs.
  • Interactive Navigation Tabs: Multiple navigation tabs displayed within the banner allowed HCPs to explore various content sections, such as the ISI document, clinical trial data, or a dedicated landing page for further information.
  • Content-Rich Tabs: Each navigation tab housed concise yet informative content snippets relevant to the selected section. This provided HCPs with immediate access to key details.


Biogen’s rich media banner campaign delivered significant results:
  • Increased HCP Engagement: The interactive elements and video content within the expandable banner kept HCPs engaged and encouraged them to explore the treatment in more depth.
  • Improved Information Delivery: Navigation tabs with readily accessible content snippets ensured HCPs could efficiently find the specific information they needed.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: The informative and interactive nature of the campaign reflected positively on Biogen’s brand image, showcasing their commitment to scientific innovation and HCP education.

What We Solved?

This project addressed Biogen’s need for:
  • Effective HCP Communication: The combination of rich media elements, engaging videos, and readily accessible content ensured clear and concise communication of the new treatment’s benefits to HCPs.
  • Streamlined Information Access: Interactive navigation tabs facilitated a user-friendly experience for HCPs seeking specific details about the treatment.
  • Measurable Campaign Performance: DV360’s analytics allowed Biogen to track user interactions with the banner elements and optimize the campaign for maximum impact.
By implementing a Google DV360 compliant rich media banner campaign, we empowered Biogen to capture HCP attention, deliver impactful information, and ultimately position their new treatment as a valuable addition to patient care options.

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