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Bringing medicine to life: overcoming size limitations for Bausch Health banners


Bausch Health (previously known as Valeant Pharmaceuticals), a leading pharmaceutical company, sought to develop a captivating display ad banner featuring a complex animation highlighting a new medication. However, the chosen ad platform imposed a strict file size limitation (k size) that threatened the animation’s smoothness and visual impact.


To overcome this challenge, we leveraged the capabilities of Adobe Animate:
  • Animation Efficiency: We meticulously crafted the animation within Adobe Animate, prioritizing keyframes and optimizing the animation timeline to ensure a smooth flow while minimizing file size.
  • Targeted Asset Optimization: Individual visual elements within the animation were analyzed and optimized using industry-standard compression techniques without sacrificing visual quality. This included optimizing color palettes, image formats, and file resolutions.
  • Code Streamlining: Our development team streamlined the code generated by Adobe Animate, eliminating unnecessary elements and employing efficient coding practices to further reduce file size without compromising functionality.
  • Iterative Testing: Throughout the development process, we conducted iterative testing within the ad platform, making adjustments and optimizations until the animation achieved the desired level of smoothness while adhering to the strict file size constraint.


Our strategic approach using Adobe Animate delivered exceptional results for Bausch Health:
  • Compelling Animated Banner: The final banner showcased a captivating animation that effectively communicated the benefits of the new medication, grabbing user attention and generating interest.
  • Technical Compliance: Despite the animation’s complexity, the banner met the ad platform’s k size limitation, ensuring a smooth campaign launch and uninterrupted display.
  • Enhanced Brand Image: The visually engaging banner reflected positively on Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ brand image, showcasing their commitment to innovation and patient care.

What We Solved?

This project addressed Bausch Health’s need for:
  • Balancing Creativity with Technical Constraints: By leveraging Adobe Animate’s capabilities and employing optimization techniques, we delivered a visually impactful animation that adhered to the ad platform’s limitations.
  • Efficient Development Process: The use of Adobe Animate and iterative testing streamlined the development process, allowing for quicker turnaround times.
  • Cost-Effective Campaign Delivery: By staying within the k size limit, we avoided potential vendor charges associated with exceeding file size restrictions.
Our use of Adobe Animate and a focus on optimization empowered Bausch Health to achieve a compelling and technically compliant display ad banner that effectively communicated their message and strengthened their brand image within the competitive pharmaceutical industry.

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