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Dish – Shark week responsive email promo

Dish header

Dish wanted to promote Shark Week to their subscribers with a stand-out email. We built a responsive email with an eye-catching animated GIF showcasing sharks & Shark Week content. Targeted info & a clear CTA encouraged viewers to tune in. This led to increased open rates, click-through rates & a positive brand image for Dish.

Liberty Mutual – BMW & newsletter responsive emails

Liberty Mutual header

Liberty Mutual wanted to target BMW owners with emails for their BMW insurance & newsletter. We built responsive HTML emails highlighting Liberty Mutual’s BMW insurance benefits & engaging content for BMW enthusiasts. This led to increased open rates, click-through rates & enhanced brand loyalty among BMW owners.

Bauerfeind – AMSSM meeting email recap

Bauerfeind wanted to promote their sports braces after the AMSSM event with Dirk Nowitzki. We built a responsive HTML email for ExactTarget recapping the event & strategically placed product info alongside highlights & Dirk quotes. This led to increased open rates, click-through rates & brand awareness.

Global Legal Advisors – Complete web experience

Global Legal Advisors header

Outdated website held back Global Legal Advisors (GLA). We designed a user-friendly, multilingual website & implemented SEO strategies. Monthly maintenance & Google Analytics reports allow GLA to track progress. This resulted in increased organic traffic, improved lead generation & a stronger brand image.

Global Escrow Services – Full Digital Solutions

Global Escrow Services needed a modern website to attract clients. We designed & developed their website, do monthly maintenance & provide SEO & Google Analytics reports. This led to increased website traffic, lead generation, brand reputation & data-driven decision making.

Celebrity Cruises – Static Banners

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises needed new display ad banners to attract customers. We created 4 static banners with brand-aligned copy targeting luxury, destinations, families & promotions. Eye-catching visuals & targeted messages led to increased click-through rates, brand awareness & improved conversion rates.

Sientra – Social Email

Sientra header

Sientra struggled with email marketing as their emails didn’t display well on mobile devices. We built a responsive email campaign with mobile-friendly design, concise content & clear CTAs. This led to increased open rates, click-through rates & a more engaged patient base for Sientra.

Biogen – Rich Media Banners

Biogen header

Biogen needed to inform HCPs about a new, complex treatment. We built Google DV360 compliant expandable rich media banners with videos, ISI summaries & navigation tabs with content. This increased HCP engagement, improved information access & strengthened Biogen’s brand image.

Pfizer – Rich Media Banners

Pfizer header

Pfizer needed to raise awareness of a new medication among busy HCPs. We built a Google DV360 compliant campaign with 2 formats: a standard banner & an expandable rich media banner with ISI integration & 3 navigation buttons. This increased HCP engagement, improved information access & enhanced Pfizer’s brand image.

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